What is Network Chiropractic?

Services We Provide:

We offer gentle, transformative chiropractic care and wellness education to those seeking a healthy and vibrant life.

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA):

NSA is the strategic use of gentle contacts on the spine to assist the nervous system in re-organizing the body to a higher level of function.  We offer three levels of care, which progressively bring practice members to a greater level of connectedness, wellness, and alignment. Click here for more information from the founder and developer of NSA.

 Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI): 

SRI is a series of exercises that train the body and mind to access your inner resources, increasing the depth of healing.  The strategies that you develop through SRI allow for ease and integration through different stages of healing and care. Click here for more information from the founder and developer of SRI.

Wellness Workshops:

Our informational and experiential workshops are for our clients and the general public, discussing and discovering the healing capacities and strategies everyone has access to in order to improve their quality of life. These workshops can be tailored to bring wellness education into the workplace as well.  Please inquire how we can bring wellness into your workplace!

Full Day Intensives:

These one-day healing intensives accelerate and deepen the healing process. The individual experiences synergy and support within a dynamic group setting.