Relaxed and Aligned, Naturally- TMJ!

I had lower back pain since I was about 15 years old. I came in with tension in my neck and shoulders as well. I also came in to see about the possibility of increasing my energy levels as I was constantly feeling drained and scattered.

I saw an acupuncturist for 3 months and felt some general relaxation but the results were difficult to perceive. I did some yoga, which was prescribed by my acupuncturist. This was a tremendous help for relaxing my nervous system and provided relief around the lower back.

As a result of this Network Spinal Analysis practice, I am able to breathe in spaces I never knew were possible before, like my pelvic area. As tension has released in my lower back, my jaw muscles have simultaneously gone through a dramatic relaxation process. I have had a long history of TMJ issues and teeth grinding.

I notice that my emotions have less control over my actions on a day to day basis. I am able to listen and talk to people without bringing a stressful tone to the conversation as I used to do. I also experience less social anxiety like I used to with friends, loved ones, or new acquaintances.

One day during an entrainment, I noticed my mind follow sensation in my body differently; instead of feeling emotions or wrapped up in stories, I simply felt sensation and breath with no ‘story’ attached. This was a shift from having a story about something to a feeling of being grounded in physical reality. This shifted my everyday experience of life. AWESOME!

Another awesome moment during an entrainment happened when I felt a magnetic pull coming from my core and out through the top of my neck. This was a magical moment because this alignment would occur in my yoga practice as well. I was guided to my body’s naturally aligned position using less mental or physical effort. WOW!

I absolutely recommend this care to others.

Beth Kiesselbach
Berkeley, CA