Pure Bliss- Scoliosis

I came to Hikari Chiropractic because of a scoliosis in my spine and a noticeable difference in my leg lengths. I had no prior treatments.
As a result of my care here, I walk less like a “duck”. My body is more fluid and self-adjusts itself often. My scoliosis has softened and the difference in my leg length has dropped. As far as dealing with stress in my life, I have become a stress eating machine. I attribute this wonderful result to my work at Hikari and also my personal meditation practice.
One of the many experiences at Hikari Chiropractic stands out for me. I was on the table and my spine began making the “wave”. My body was connecting like never before- it was pure BLISS!
I would recommend this care as it is very effective and empowering and just works!

Niko B, Financial Analyst
Berkeley, California