More Energy and Easier Cycles

I was referred to Hikari Chiropractic after I had a bike accident. I had been having almost constant back pain, feeling lethargic and emotionally overwhelmed. I had seen a massage therapist, who recommended Network Care, before coming to see Dr. Koichi.
As a result of care, my back pain was cleared. And although this wasn’t my intention for the care, my severe menstrual cramps have cleared too. I haven’t been sick (vomiting) on my cucle since!
I also feel much more clear and positive and energized. During stressful situations, I am able to be more present and ground myself in the moment of stress.
One of my “Wow” moments at Hikari Chirorpactic was the first time I felt that I breathed into a new place in my heart. Dr. Koichi deeply supports the process of experiencing your body’s own wisdom and learning how to listen to that wisdom. Through this we learn to heal ourselves.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Eva Kaminker, Chef
Woodacre, CA