Back on the Job with a Vengeance- Knee Pain and Back Spasms

I came in with pain in the knee and chronic back pain which I had for about 5 years. I have never been treated for this condition before. Since coming into Hikari Chiropractic and working with Dr. Koichi, there is no more pain in my knee. I use to have back pain every day and now I experience it less frequently and the pain is less severe. I have more confidence and ability to do my job now.
I came in with very severe back pain and spasms and left feeling rejuvenated and ready to attack the day. I worked a 14 hour day with no pain!
I would recommend this care to others because it is effective, enlivening and a healing practice that uses no drugs or harsh treatments. This work creates sustainable health and improvement of life.
Dr. Koichi and his staff are wonderful. They create a space of healing, allowing the most serious of patients to return to and maintain wellness.

Aaron Brown, Realtor
Oakland, California