Hikari Network Chiropractor Member Testimonials

  • A Walking Miracle- Rheumatoid Arthritis
    I came into Hikari Chiropractic with a digestive condition and R.A.(Rheumatoid Arthritis). I saw physicians for this condition before and they did not expect me to live very long. I decided not to take the pharmaceutical drugs because of the side effects and their ineffectiveness. I am still alive and not dead as the M.D.s speculated. I’m walking and functional and able to handle stressful condition with the least effort. My endurance or capacity to deal with stress is much better.
  • Pure Bliss- Scoliosis
    As a result of my care here, I walk less like a “duck”. My body is more fluid and self-adjusts itself often. My scoliosis has softened and the difference in my leg length has dropped. As far as dealing with stress in my life,
  • Back on the Job with a Vengeance- Knee Pain and Back Spasms
    I came in with very severe back pain and spasms and left feeling rejuvenated and ready to attack the day. I worked a 14 hour day with no pain!
  • Anxiety Down and Amazing Breakthroughs!
    ... my back and neck pop on their own now before tension builds and I no longer have sharp chest pains or fatigue. Also, my anxiety has markedly decreased.